Monday, July 28, 2014


My soul is feeling quite like an industrial wasteland lately, what was once productive is sitting, stale and stagnant.  I mean, there's like a time and place for everything, what can be peace one day is absolutely maddening the next.  That is me, I change like the wind, and I think most other writers understand this to some extent.  We're a dynamic bunch.

That burning desire, this incessant need to write never really goes away.  It lays, dormant, just underneath the surface, seething to be freed.  Taking a break is a good thing for me because it wells up and spills over, ideas then runeth from my cup.  I need to figure out a way to focus that to serve a bigger purpose.  When I write, I need silence so that I can be alone with my thoughts and ideas.  No music, no outside influences, I have to tap into something deep, and yes, even with something as simple as a blog post.  I only know one way to write and I have to follow that path.  So, my intention isn't to vacate this place, only set it aside for a while.  And all of you that have partaken in my life, that's right, I've never mixed words with a person that didn't have an impact on me.  One thing I've seen here is that there are so many good fuckin writers out there, it's unbelievable.  You guys are the shit.

Anyway, I'll be around.  I'll let ya'll know when the book comes out.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

19 July 2014

Weeks have passed since I last made a post, as each one passes faster than the last. Soon I forget that I'm a writer and the thought of setting out to complete any piece is daunting, at best. The fact is, I have written, I just haven't finished anything. At the moment I have at least ten drafts which are 1/3 undone, sitting, waiting to serve some purpose. Even if their only reason for being is to placate me. Sometimes I'll take a few pieces, cannibalize them, and allow something new, more current to emerge. 

Summer unfolds with warm days and cool nights, on which I like to sit outside, in the dark, and stare at the sky and completely lose myself to it. The night thrusts upon me a calm, as it demands my attention I have no choice but to live in the moment. Living in the moment is fuckin hard, y'all, it goes against the way we as people are wired.  What makes it even harder is when one tries to rewire their brain, everyone else around them is still plugged in to the matrix. Yes, I still reference stupid, old movies. 

So, I'm still alive and functioning and I haven't been feeling very creative. That shit comes and goes, I try not to stress about it. Oftentimes getting out of my head is the best thing I can do, but in order to write I have to brave that territory once in a while. Just not right now, I'm kind of enjoying  the quiet.