Thursday, August 29, 2013

On my mind...

 The nights are getting cooler and lasting longer,  the year has grown old.   Time is the perfect oxymoron in that it is so absolute and precise yet there is never enough and it seems to constantly run faster.   What I'm after is a little satisfaction mixed with some laughter.  Sometimes at night I inhabit dreams in waking hours imagining masterpieces amid chaos and disaster.    Sinister synapses firing on all levels,  I've been told I was cold before, but for some reason  those are always the ones who end up trusting my ears.   Hard times breed creativity,  depending in which way we're looking everything leads to opportunity.   There are plenty of things I don't know and am unsure of,  but one thing I do know is that the only thing that matters is the now.   It sounds fuckin cliche, I know,  even saying it's a cliche is a cliche,  but unless I'm starving or currently dying a painful death I'm doing good.  And somehow knowing all that makes me understand people better,  and I'm  not sure how that works  so I'll spare you that process,  it may be rather long and drawn out.   My mind is spacing out,  the pauses are getting longer,  and  if you know what I mean it is worth every bit of the hype.   Calm  during the clatter.


  1. I loved this one...Reminds me of the crisp moonlight on a chilly evening, the harbinger of clarity.

  2. What you say about time, now, the "calm during the clatter," It all makes perfect sense to me.

    I love how when the seasons change, little shifts start happening inside of us. It's as though our souls mirror the seasons in such a wonderful way--going through the necessary cycles of birth and dying and re-birth.