Tuesday, July 30, 2013

 The lady at  the gas station this morning had to  snap me out of the playground between my ears.  I asked her for a pack of smokes and  she told me "Only if you quit looking so evil first."  I just smiled because I know exactly what the hell she's talking about.  "So I guess that's a deal?"  she says, "Yea,  that's a deal."  I said laughing a little.

I absolutely love when this happens,  and you might be surprised at how often it does,  it's interesting.   Every once in a while someone will say something of that nature and call me out, I get so damn lost in thought sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it.  It says something about the other person,  too.  I mean,  maybe they really do it unknowingly,  but I like to think they know exactly what they're doing.   And I always thank them,  too,  usually to  an inquisitive look.  Often times I try to do the same for others when I'm not so lost in my own shit.   Catching people lost in space  I'll say something to make them laugh or just more aware, a gesture to let them know they're not alone.   Perfect strangers changing the course of my day,  that's some powerful shit.   And what's even more powerful is that I'm capable of letting them,  cuz it wasn't always that way.


  1. i use to get so lost in my own thoughts too. hha.
    it's kind of weird but feels magic when a stranger snaps you and flips your day.

  2. 'the playground between my ears' i like that :)

  3. It's very nice of you to mention it, to show the other person that you cared enough to actually notice.

    1. I was sincerely grateful, she changed my whole day.