Friday, July 5, 2013

The Thought Police Are On To Me

I was in the shed yesterday, um,  doing what I do,  and I saw an old,  dusty ass box sitting in the corner. Curious, I take a peek and steal a glimpse  of half a dozen books or so. These books are familiar,  and I dig for my favorite of the bunch, 1984.   It's there,  tattered and torn,  yellowing pages falling out.  I can't help myself, I sit back down,  light up a smoke and turn the page.   Memories come flooding back to me,  ideas which I no longer hold,  though I do hold them close to me.  You see, 1984  is the book that began my love affair with reading.  Not only that,  but it changed the way I looked at things.  I no longer took things at face value,  it made me see that to question everything is to become closer to the truth.   The truth in me,  the truth in you and the truth in the world around us.  Freedom lies in the ability to think outside the boundaries and limitations set by those who know not what they do.  I was no longer a slave to the thought forms bestowed upon me by every unknowing soul I had ever entertained an idea with.   The fact is, I may not be sitting here writing to you the words I write had that seed not been planted.

So, it is in that vein that I celebrate our independence.  I believe it was upon these ideas of free thought that this country was built on.  After all,  action always originates in an idea and it takes a real sense of freedom to express ideas not viewed as commonplace or acceptable.  Real freedom breathes new and revolutionary ideas into the face of life and  shares a grin with oppression.   Ideas are all we've got if nothing else  in this life.   I've  kind of made it a mission of mine to help broaden the minds of those around me, and offer an opportunity to look outside the box,  and I have to admit the tree is fruitful.   Knowledge is power and to question the seemingly unanswerable  will always keep me asking for more.

 Live free or die!


  1. "I was no longer a slave to the thought forms bestowed upon me by every unknowing soul I had ever entertained an idea with"

    i like the way you said that... because when you're accustomed to and comfortable with thinking a certain way your whole entire life, it's quite frightening to do otherwise. however, i have come to realize that thinking and idealizing shouldnt always be sunshine and daisies... being encouraged to view a different angle is only scary because it's not comfy. but you know what? it's inspiring as fuck. (am i allowed to say that? haha)

    oh and you know 'live free or die' is my state motto, right? yeah, nh rocks :)

  2. lovely blog :)

  3. I cannot believe I've never read that book. I think you've finally inspired me to do so kind sir.

    1. It's a good book, you won't regret it. And if you like that one might I suggest Brave New World... another good one.

  4. How awesome to find that box of books. I started re-reading 1984 a year ago. Time to come back and finish it. Loved Brave New World. Also loved Ralph Ellsion's Invisible Man--another one for me to reread. One more that just popped in my head...Lois Lowry's The Giver. It's for young readers, but it's so good. I came to it late--last year-- and am so glad I did.

    Great piece. Nice writing.