Sunday, June 9, 2013

 somewhere in the middle of Iowa the flat lands turn into rolling hills,  and my soul felt a little kick.  I can see the sick air of the industrial Midwest behind me now,  its thick depression has lifted.  I expand my mind and I see things differently,  and people wonder why I'm stuck in my own world most of the time.   all I see before me is the highway and wide open opportunity.   here is the place I will always be,  never really getting anywhere if I don't accept that first.  I can be surrounded by mountains or rubble,  it doesn't matter,  but the white caps and foothills  help me gather a moment in time when nothing  else can distract me and I can just be.  peace.


  1. Very pretty words sir. I love the travel rush, it speaks to the soul in a little thrill of the unknown. Safe journey.

  2. Nature does have a way of expanding our minds and making us appreciate life. I love my mountains over here, but I'm fearful to explore alone. Your adventure sounds like it's off to a good start.