Saturday, June 8, 2013


it's the eve of my journey west and I almost can't contain my excitement.   there is something very freeing about being on the road,  it's like the flood gates lifted from my soul,  suddenly I have no containment.  I am to travel a thousand miles to be where my heart desires.  I don't quite understand my attraction to these mountains,  but for something with such a solid foundation,  they sure do move me.  I don't want a gps, I want a road atlas and some sunglasses, a cup of coffee and good music to lead me to the quiet and solitude of nature.   hardly adventurous to ride in such comfort,  but I guess there are benefits to sucking air at this particular time,  haha.  I intend to share here what I experience,  and it should be quite an experiment.

I absolutely can't wait to see the darkest sky full of stars.


  1. "Traveling- it leaves you speechless and, then turns you into a storyteller." Although you already are my favorite storyteller, I'm eager to hear of your new adventure. :) drive slow, homie. Haha ya right.

  2. That sound so exciting, I wish you find happiness and solace in this trip.

    I remember my first trip far away, I was so happy I was shaky. It was such an unusual moment, feeling so happy that I cried watching the scenery becoming smaller and smaller from the window.

  3. I am very excited to see and read the details!

  4. have you found them yet? the stars, i mean.
    i want someone to watch them twinkle with me.

    Breakfast After 10

    1. I sure have. I could see more stars in one little cloud covered section of the sky than I could on the clearest nights at home. it's awesome.