Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Journey Isn't The Destination

 from the rustic cabin in the woods to a hotel off the freeway just outside of Denver, I sit outside in the windy,  warm early evening desiring the sounds of the river over the trucks flying by.   they are eerily normal, however, and the train in the distance sounds like home.   six stories below,  in the courtyard of the hotel,  people are  no longer worried about the mountains in the distance,  but are captivated by an electronic device of some sort,  wirelessly hard wired to this system of technology.  I ain't mad, I embrace the art of technology and appreciate untouched nature.   they're staying connected,  doing their thing and who am I  to judge?   the feelings are always mixed going home from an adventure,  you don't want to leave but there is something to be said for sleeping in your own bed, and back to the steel jungle I go.   it's daunting,  and it fills me full angst but gives me  something to dream about all the same.   now I'm trading the smoke filled,  forrest fire air of the west to return to the wet and cool Midwest,  storms brewing,  and waiting.   perhaps it only seems as it does because of the way I see it,  and it's quite possible that I'm  learning to live right where I am,  it's the only place I can be.   sometimes I just gotta test a theory,  haha.   if you people only knew.   there will be pictures to come.


  1. Can't wait for the pictures.
    And you're right about the storms...

    Breakfast After 10

  2. and the best journey always takes us home, right?

  3. Stop teasing me with pictures! I.cant.wait. =]