Sunday, June 30, 2013

Head In The Clouds

 My back feels relieved laying on my awesome anti-gravity chair,  my father's day gift,  and I don't care what anyone says,  it might just be a lawn chair,  but my back feels better laying on it.   Anyhow,  the sun just set with just a little bit of light left in the sky,  it's a bit darker than  usual,  missing the normal pinkish tint.  I've been waiting all day for this.   You see, I worked midnights last night and stayed over days today which is absolutely insane,  but I made myself stay awake for this.  Lets just say I've only had a couple hours sleep over the last 48,  but whatever,  it's worth it.   It's beautiful and it moves me,  soothes  my soul and keys poetry flow.   Now,  there's a couple things that I do know.   The sky induces awe,  and that everything is simply explainable,  though it's not that easy.  I try to see things objectively,  and rationally, I don't know any other way to be.  I mean,  there is a reason for everything but it's not just some abstract thought that lies out there,  something we just say because it sounds good.   To me it motivates questions,  and while I may not always find answers it leaves me open to indefinite endings,  possibilities galore.   Some people can't handle this about me because I call bullshit when I see it,  some people like the matrix, I don't know.   Reality to me is all I seek,  and while some of it is up for interpretation such as the beauty of my sky, some things are  not,  an inch will always be an inch,  no matter how you look at it.  Unless you break it down further,  but that only proves it to be what it is more so.

 Yea, I got lost with those clouds an hour ago,  I'm speaking from deep with in my.... my soul.   Whatever that is.


  1. Your soul....

    Although i don't personally believe that everything has an answer, at least not one that we can understand... I dig that you're always asking questions. It keeps life interesting.

    And, i always have my head in the clouds too. xx

  2. There's a beautiful thing about moments and time. Some points are so captivating to hold us within that it feels like it should last forever.

  3. My favorite thing about clouds is the fact that they are ever-changing…literally every second. A cloud formation at any given moment in time is unique to that moment and that moment alone. I mean how romantic a notion is that?

  4. I don't believe in the soul, I think it's just another way of denying the fact that weä're all going to die some day.


    1. I don't believe in a soul like that either. There's something inside me, the place where my poetry comes from, and that's what I refer to as a soul, for lack of a better term.

  5. "The sky induces awe." Yessiree! I love looking into the sky, at all times of day, especially when there are clouds. I love the endless questions. The other day I was driving and I was so in the center of the beauty around me, looking at the trees and grass, the sky. I was so moved, i had no words, just emotion. It was so beautiful, I felt like crying-- felt that quiet rumble inside, right before the tears come.