Saturday, May 11, 2013


I haven't been writing much lately, which is fine, I'm living life.  Life becomes full of things to pull me away from electronic devices  this time of year.  And even when there isn't anything to do, sitting outside staring at an empty, blue sky is more appealing than staring at a blank page or a blinking cursor.  Writing kind of gets set aside for a while, saved for the months when I'm stuck in the house and everything is gray.  It's my escape when the burden of winter becomes too much.  But it's May, my favorite time of year, and things are much brighter even though we catch a cold day here and there.  Their numbers are limited now.  I am back home, making things work.  Once everything had a chance to calm down and talking, to include listening, became possible it made it a lot easier to be here.  I really  don't ask for much in life, I'm just at a point where I'm  becoming my own person and it's causing growing pains for others as well, it's not necessarily good or bad it   just is what it is.  There are some things about me that have to be accepted if we wish to co-exist because these are things that I could otherwise live with and be comfortable in my own skin.  There's a fine line between necessary selfishness just to get by in the world and keep your sanity and selfishness that hurts other people, and it seems to be that people often confuse the two and take some things in a way they shouldn't.  We all have to pick battles in relationships and sometimes way may not like what others do but if it's not harming anyone who are we to stand in their way?  At least, this is how I see things.  And I'm asking others around me to see things this way as well, and it's difficult.  Not impossible, but difficult because it requires looking at oneself.  And I know better than anyone else that sometimes it takes drastic actions for a person to becoming willing to do so.  My philosophies in life are simple and I wish to maintain that, and encourage the people around me to do the same.  All the difficult things that go on in life, we don't need to add more on top of the pile, and I choose not to worry about small things, rather go with the flow.  I'm not perfect, I get caught up in day to day shit just like everyone else, but at the end of the day when I can reflect I'm able to let most of it go.  You know, I've become good at keeping things separate in life and not letting emotions from one thing spill over into another.  Work stays at work, and home pretty much stays at home, and I don't take things out on the kids or my wife, I always let things go.  The stars are still in the sky and I'm still alive to see them with the people I love, how serious is any of the other shit, really?  It's a simple concept but very difficult to live, yet I try.  As long as I'm trying, I'm doing alright.


  1. That last part... I couldn't have thought of better words. You have an incredible way of simplifying the sometimes complex things people turn them into. The way your mind works is continually blowing me away everytime I read you.

  2. good to hear you're back at home, doin what you can to make it work. you're a good man. well, you're a good man either way haha. but i'm glad the two of you can see the good through the troubles enough to make it work. acceptance is such a relief, i wouldn't be enjoying the life i live today if i didn't just learn to accept. it is what it is, and sometimes that's all it can be so why not make the most of it. and when we do, usually, eventually, a better situation will come our way. time is all we got though, get from it what you can and let it do it's thing. well, you know..
    <3 -ya sista inda northlands