Thursday, May 30, 2013

Will never be titled

 mind drifting off on copious notes,  rolling smoke,  throwing stones through houses of windows.   don't miss take me,  I've got glass of my own, which can be broken,  no picking bones.   my slang may confuse you,  but I assure you, I can add $2 dollar words to these $100 dollar rhymes if I choose to.   I'll lose you before you can realize you been bamboozled.   yea,  I'm real smooth, too,  my game is tight,  downright brutal.   I'll tell you the outright truth,  through and through,  as I see it from my point of view.  disastrous youth with a pattern to use, a little scatter brained, mad  hatter has captivated you.

 just a late night rhyme from the shed.


  1. I had to read to aloud to appreciate it fully. The words feel like a song when read this way.

  2. For some reason your posts are no longer showing up on my Blogger feed!! I have no idea why. I thought, until the other day, that you just hadn't been posting.

  3. Jesus Christ I love posts like this, to some people these kind of literacy might've just been some random post but to me this is just so, I dont know, it;s just so close to the heart. I've got a bad-ass-ish, slang-talking alter ego, which might've been the reason, sometimes I just get this way, it's like, it's unexplainable. Amen to "I can add $2 dollar words to these $100 dollar rhymes if I choose to."

    Make Peace Not War on

    1. Haha, thanks. It's always nice to release the alter ego once in a while. And that thing can be like a rabbit hole, you don't know how deep that thing goes.

  4. holy cow, please hold me down.. this rhyme has got me lifted.. he speaks the truth and keeps it couth, he's terminally gifted. i love it when you rhyme, sunn..


  5. Haha, no. I won't say there wasn't any mind altering substance at play though.

  6. Mona Lisas and mad hatters, turn around and say good morning to the night.

    / Avy