Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little Feverish

Nothing like getting strep throat on the nicest week of the year to date while on vacation.  What a way to spend half my week off, right?  Well, it's all good.  I'm sitting outside on the deck and I just watched the sun set beyond my garage and some trees.  Chemtrails streak the blue sky in every direction and I wonder where the hell all those people are going.  I'm stuck here in my own little world writing to you and the whole world bustles around me, people going about their business.  My business is always the thought at hand, spinning and twirling its way through my thought processes.  No matter where I'm at, being lost in thought is only seconds beyond my reach at any given time.  I can hear the words to a song anp'll solve something I was working out in my head days earlier.  Somebody will say something in a conversation that'll give me an answer to something I was talking about with someone completely different.  And my mind keeps rolling.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not so stuck in my head that I can't enjoy the beauty around me.  Getting lost in the stars with my son is one of the best things I can think of.  Or taking my Gwendolyn to the park...I've never know laughter like that before. Or to sit in my garage and listen to the wind rustle the leaves on the trees.  And to sit and write as the day turns to night and I get absolutely lost in what I'm telling you. Ah yes, I do fully enjoy the present moment and to find the balance between it and being lost in my own head.  I can appreciate both.  And I can appreciate times like this  when both can come together and make me feel more alive than ever.  Things without sparks something within and the words pour out of me and onto this page what would otherwise get lost among the other thoughts up there.

I know it wasn't much, but that's all I could squeeze out of my sweaty, feverish state.  Not to mention the other 2 I wrote which I decided to scrap.  Oh well.  Hope spring is good to everyone.


  1. I often find myself wondering the very same thing when I see planes in the sky. And when I fly, I look out and wonder what everyone is doing down there. Funny how that works.

    I hope you find the remedy for your discomfort. And that you're able to enjoy the rest of your week :) xx

  2. Whenever I'm around my significant other's God son, I enjoy playing and laughing and being silly with him, exploring his world.

    It's always interesting to wonder what other people are thinking at any given moment.

    Hope you feel better.

  3. Murphy's Law to fall sick when you've booked vaca. Sorry, friend. Lots of liquids and rest so you don't relapse ;-) hang in there...

  4. i always get sick when i take time from work too. go figure. hope you get to enjoy some of it anyway :)

  5. Thanks y'all, I'm feeling quite a bit better already. Time to get back to writing.

  6. There's this thing about being ill, every perception seems magnified.
    Hope your heart screams louder to let you know.

    Take Care.