Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mid May Morning

I love the fog on mid May mornings, scenes splashed with morning glories and crazy colored daisies. Dew rolling off of everything, and you can see your breath in the air. There's a calm in the silence just beyond the song of the birds, and i feel wrapped in life, held tight by mother nature. I find very few things comforting in this way, but i wait all year to feel it again. To feel human again, renewed by the warm breeze that rolls in to burn away the haze left by dawn. Sometimes i sit on my stoop, and close my eyes momentarily to feel it, take it all in. Or I'll stare at the moon fading into the day, and just wonder with amazement, it wakes the curiosity in me. It encourages the poetry in me to spread itself across a page and paint for you a picture of the unique way in which i see life. I relate lyrics from songs to circumstances in life and recite them to myself, or perhaps create my own soundtrack to it. I meet interesting people everywhere i go and i get some bit of experience out of each and every chance encounter. With every tomorrow comes a new chance to step out of the old, and nothing reminds me of this fact more than a spring morning.


  1. Very well spoken =].
    Spring is one of the few times in life that you can see the world changing, it's hard not to love life making itself known. To appreciate new beginnings. You sir just cleared up my melancholy mood.

  2. theres something entirely magical hidden within a foggy spring morning, i do believe. i like the way you say things. :)

  3. Here, there was just hint of spring before it was stolen back in the form of two days of snow. Mother Nature (among other things) is quite the Indian Giver. Is that politically incorrect?

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