Monday, January 28, 2013

Riding The Fence

I admit it, I'm a fence rider.  I am indifferent about a lot of things.  Sometimes it irritates people and they just can't understand how it is that i don't care to involve myself in a lot if things.  My indifference isn't a lack of caring, it is my conscious choice to let some things go and not worry about them.  If i formulated an opinion on everything and stood my ground with a pitbull like tenacity it seems to me that i would be exactly all those things i don't want to be.  Pride can be a vicious thing.  When one is opinionated they spend countless hours having to defend their positions.  How much energy is lost in having to be right all the time?  I would much rather conserve my "brain space" for things more constructive. 

I don't get into debates with people for the very same reason.  I love talking, and believe that conversation is a lost art, but having to prove myself right seems like an uphill battle.  I want to know your thoughts and ideas, and i want to share mine, but a debate, to me, isn't to combine ideas and share thoughts in order to raise the awareness of all involved.  Nor is it conducive to really helping people understand things.  Don't get me wrong, having an opinion about some things is quite practical in making it through life.  It is my opinion that nobody in this world should go hungry, but it isn't controversial and I'd imagine most people would agree.  There's really no debate to be had.

I am guilty of being an opinionated S.O.B.  I'm not preaching here so much as reminding myself.  I used to be very vocal about my opinions.  It wasn't until i became more aware of myself and how certain situations affect me that i realized i wouldn't shut my mouth long enough to hear anything. I began to take notice of how it affected me physically and it was almost like fight or flight mode, only i was mainly in fight mode.  Heart beats faster, palms become sweaty...and i strive to be right instead of calm.  It is quite hard to be open-minded when having stern opinions.  Today i have ideas, rather than opinions, which I'd like to continue sharing with you.  And hopefully along the way you'll share your ideas with me.  I'm here to learn how to be human which means i don't have to be right, only alive.  So why not take the easier, less traveled road?  I am a bit of a heathen, going against the grain and my philosophical ideas make my metaphorical heart beat.  It's how i know I'm still kicking.

Do you have ideas?


  1. Yes it is very difficult to be open-minded when having very strong opinions. I always try to seperate myself as much as possible when listening to other people's opinions...reminding myself that they likely believe just as strongly in their opinion as I do mine. Sometimes I just end an argument by saying "I would agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong" :)

    Also, nothing wrong with being a fence-rider. Too many people live in the black or white, totally ignoring the grey. So by riding the fence, as are able to appreciate the grey.

  2. "I have big opinions for few things and few opinions for most things."

    Breakfast After 10

  3. RIDE THAT DAMN FENCE! I can be that way. It makes my dad get so angry. I look to choose what I will allow to get my panties in a bunch. Priorities. Which will be important compared to other things. My dad thinks that picking a pizza joint in town should be my very top priority, in all of my reality, I honestly don't care where we go. The pizza is good no matter where we go and they all have something special that I like from all of them.

    Then the argumentation over where the hell we eat is so on.