Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Swimming In A Black Hole

The universe is such a massive thing that i don't even know of there's a human mind out there that can actually grasp it.  I mean, we have words to describe what we think might paint a similar picture for the sake of understanding, but i don't think we truly comprehend the vastness we call the universe.  We have a rough number we've given as an age for it which in turn can tell us mathematically where the universe ends.  But it's just numbers.  Can you actually wrap your mind around it?  If we were even able to get there, for all of our knowledge and understanding, we still don't really know what we'll see at the edge of life.  Perhaps we'll see a mirror image of our universe with inverted colors...the stars are black and apparent "empty space" is white.  The actual amount of space between here and there is full of life.  I feel that even the stuff we don't see that holds it all together breathes in its own way.  The probabilities and possibilities are endless.
Now, I'm not some ancient alien conspiracy freak or anything, but there has got to be some sort of intelligent life form out there somewhere.  I think it's probably more likely that there is than there isn't.  I can't prove it, of course.  On a crisp, dark night when i can see as deep as my eyes will let me, i can't help but to think that we're not alone.  Which brings me to a question...if there does turn out to be more intelligent life out there, what will the religious folk say then?  I had a conversation at work today with a gentleman who is a hardcore Christain.  He's a really good dude, although i admit to thinking he's a bit misguided at times.  So he tells me today that it's not possible that more life exists because we are the only children of God.  What am i to say to that?  No amount of logic or reasoning is going to get through this wall of God he has built up around him.  I don't say this to talk about my beliefs on God, that would take a mini-series of posts to explain that.  I may actually do that at some point, just not now. 
So, what happens to the idea of God and us being chosen people if something else comes into play here?  Does that belief just fade away?  And if they were wrong about that, what else were they wrong about?  It brings up a lot of questions.  I've got my answers to them, do you?


  1. I don't recall the Christian bible saying that we "earthlings" are the only children of God. Maybe it's implied, but implications can be interpreted differently by different people. If there is other life, which I think is possible also, then would all religions incorporate the "aliens" as children of god as well. Or because they are the "unknown" would religions hold that aliens are the devil...as so many things were given the stigma of throughout history because the human mind couldn't grasp what it didn't know. I think if the belief that God created this earth, the moon, the stars, universe, and if god exists, then that god would be the father of all life, no? I personally tend to lead toward science and the elements that have allowed for life to exist...not that I need proof for everything, but the logic of science seems a lot more acceptable than a leap of faith that falters at the first sign of adversity of what is stated in a book written ages ago.

  2. These are the most fascinating questions in life to me. I honestly have no clue as to the answers...but they are fascinating to ponder. I do agree with you in that the human mind cannot grasp the immensity of the universe.

  3. Ya know.... I was raised as of if I couldn't go hang out with my friends I would like a legitimate reason. None of that "cause I said so." Just because God says so, why not? I was also the kid that asked why a lot. I started that phase a lot earlier. =]

    Although I also think that God was actually created by man to feel they have a purpose some how in life. Roman and Greek gods were started off by being created by man. To have something to guide, because people are naturally of the question, "Why?" Why are we here? What is exactly our purpose?

    Karma, Fate, and all that hunky dory jazz gave all of us a sense of comfort. Security. Sense of belonging. Which is so important to have and feel for a person.