Wednesday, October 16, 2013

 I haven't really been able to post photos because I'm always going mobile and blogger isn't up to date on technology.  I just can't post photos from my phone or tablet, and because I've been on blogger for a damn decade my blog isn't linked with Gmail which is the only option they offer for logging in to their app. Brilliant me, I feel like I found a fucking loophole remembering I can go old school mobile and post through email.  I'm a God damn genius, loopholes and shit!  Just kidding.

Anyway, I'm just trying it out with this cool picture I took yesterday morning.

-Edit...attempt number 4.   Maybe I'm not such a genius.  I might have  spoke too soon.


  1. like a watercolor painted sky... pretty.

  2. I agree, that's a pretty view. I like landscapes with telephone poles, they remind me of the connections I've made thanks to the internet. The virtual wire.

    1. which now also remind me of the movie Everybody's Fine, where Robert De Niro plays an elderly widow who used to hang telephone wires for a living

  3. It does look like a painting... I also wish blogger was a little easier to use... I always have to email myself the post and than wait until I get home... You would think it would be made simpler from a smart phone or a tablet... oh well....

  4. With the different shades of dawn, the world could see the most beautiful things!

    I have this blogger app on my android, it lets me write things when I want. Pictures after clicked can be shared with blogger too. It takes a while, yet.

  5. Nice photo. I took a similar photo a few days ago. I don't usually have sideways photos with blogger, but I did with another blog and found a work around using another app that adds another step. I also don't like that when I post photos from my iPad, the photos automatically go to the bottom, instead of the top. There's a blogger app. I'm going to have to explore it more on the picture front.