Saturday, October 12, 2013


Its been a long time since I've had to work a 16  hour shift in the crane.  I forgot how insane you can become by hour 15.  I been getting it up here,  y'all. It's hard to explain exactly what I do but in the crane,  we move steel coils,  some weighing up to ninety thousand pounds,  it's no joke.   An average 8 hour shift I make about 300 lifts,  you do the math.

I just dug deep and found some Run DMC,  damn that shit brings back memories.  I say this shamelessly, I dance (although it may not actually qualify as such).  That's right,  when I'm in the crane and I got the iPod on random rotation once in a while something surprises me and I just gotta get up and move a little bit. Now,  if you really knew my awkward ass you'd see the amusement.  But I'm really only halfway awkward, guess it's better than being all the way awkward. Hey,  the things I think about at 5 a.m.  when the deleriousness (new word) is kicking in.

 Big Pun definitely didn't live to his full potential. That dude could rhyme.  This is  the part where you go to YouTube and watch a Big Pun video because my bitch ass smart phone is too dumb to post videos,  apparently.   Or it's just me,  which is quite possible considering my lack of sleep mixed with the ridiculous amount of coffee I've had tonight.  Hmm...

 Ok,  time for me to wrap things up here... gotta quit fucking around. (like that'll happen)


  1. Oh my... I dated a guy that worked construction and he used to work that crazy hours... I never understood how he functioned working with all that machinery but he did... It's good that you can move a little...sing and dance... hahaha... anything to lighten it up a bit :)

  2. deliriousness is a fun word to say. kind of like the word insidiousness, i just like the way they roll off the tongue. also, i not only find it incredibly amusing to imagine you dancing in your crane, but also you laughing at yourself while doing it. endearing nonetheless. :)

  3. Dude Run DMC is the shizznit. Old school my man.