Monday, April 8, 2013

Bells and Chains

Church bells are a beautiful thing. To hear them ding-donging in the distance is just another one of those things you grow accustomed to, and pretty much just ignore. Although a church is not an establishment that i frequent, i do love their bells. I cannot, however, say the same for the trains that run right through the neighborhood immediately across my street. The screeching and squealing of the metal to metal contact as the train slows, followed by the slamming together of the cars stopping against one another. But these are sounds we get used to, i could fall asleep to those mad, clashing trains. There are sounds that i miss as well. Ever since i was a kid, the sound of a swish through a chain link basketball net makes me perk up. The sound i remember stirs in me memories of the playground court to go with the soundtrack . Shuffling shoes on pavement and chain link swishes, music to my ears. Music encourages me to move with it and feel it through my being, seeing is only half the battle. Taken for granted all the noise we try to ignore but we're missing the soundtrack of life. I think it's kind of awesome. What are your favorite sounds that you may overlook because they're the norm? What's the soundtrack you hear?


  1. i think church bells are so beautiful in a comforting way.

    i know its weird but i love the sound of a lawn mower. it reminds me of home and how my dad would always get up wicked early on the weekends to mow our huge yard- his pride and joy (and it is gorgeous!) at the time, i hated it, he was disrupting my slumber, how dare he?! but now whenever i am home and i hear it, i feel all nostalgic and shit...

  2. Sounds are difficult to put into words, aren't they? It's so much easier to draw a picture with words, but to depict sound and smell... that's hard but very interesting.

    I actually like the sound of those clashing trains, because I like living in the city. I grew up in a suburban town that was so quiet, all I could hear was the sound of birds cooing, frogs chirping, winds swaying the heavy branches of trees, and the sound of cars going fast on a highway far in the distance. The trains to me represent my escape, my new dwelling, a place of freedom... away from the isolation of suburbia.

    Kayla: Lawn mowers, I never thought of those before... that's neat that they are nostalgic.

  3. Wind through the trees and the sounds of cows echoing through the valley.... I grew up in the middle of nowhere and sometimes I miss the quiet sounds of nature. When I'm very upset I walk outside just to get away from the noise or I put on nature sounds and lay outside looking at the sky. I like yours Ryan, those are the sounds I have never fully got use to.

  4. This makes me want to write about trains. There was one that went through the town I grew up in, every morning, about 3 am.

  5. i love trains.

    i miss the sound of frogs and crickets so loud it's almost deafening, that's the kind of music i can fall asleep too. and a good thunderstorm.

    i work in a warehouse for most of my day, so there's a whole lot of machines and a whole lot of beeping. scanny beeps and honks n shit.. sometimes when there's a few of us back there the beeps will synch up in some pretty dece rhythmic patterns and i've caught others besides myself groovin' out to it haha..