Thursday, April 25, 2013

I believe...

....that pizza is the most awesome food on earth. ...that spring mornings in the middle of May are my favorite of the whole year. ...that to tell someone something is wrong with them can quite possibly be the worst thing you can do to a person. ...that growing up simply means becoming more comfortable in your own skin, whatever that might require. ...that laughing uncontrollably with your kids can be topped by no other experience. ...that friends can grow close no matter how far apart they are. ...that i might be able to compile a list like this no matter how silly i feel. ..that to tell someone something is wrong with them can also be the best thing you can do for a person. Obviously this is not an original idea, but a good one nonetheless.


  1. i like what you believe in, specially pizza :)

  2. ... that sincerity is the best quality of humankind.

  3. Pizza and spring mornings, are definitely some of the best things in life. Good list.

  4. I like that you compiled your list even though you felt silly.

    I'm one of the few who doesn't love pizza. I only eat it if it's there. But every now and then, a good pizza will blow me away.

  5. I disagree with all this. Except for the laughing with the kids part. But I still heart you.

    1. Haha, that kinda makes me laugh. I'm glad you can disagree openly.

  6. Great list!