Friday, April 19, 2013

Inspired Moments Of Truth

My days are thick with uncertainty, as of right now I'm homeless. I mean, i have a place to lay my head down and sleep but beyond that I've got nothing. I feel like a bum living out of my car roaming to kill time in between work and the kids. It's hard, and its scary but in between moments of doubt i have stretches of confidence that I'm doing the right thing. Life has a whole new perspective for me right now, I'm vulnerable and uncomfortable and as much as i don't like it, i do. I've got some things to work out for myself, and I'm confident i will, it'll just take some time. I move forward. It hasn't been all dark and depressing, I've had moments of simple bliss leading to hours of dreamy realities. My inspiration to write has me bursting at the seams with rhymes and punch lines. Things have rolled off the poetic assembly line in my head at a rate I've never seen. Granted, i haven't been writing here, but i have been writing, indeed. These moments of pure inspiration are fleeting, as always. They loan to us few precious moments in which to delve deep into ourselves and see what we come up with. I've learned more about myself through my writing than anyone may ever know. That's why i throw it all on the line, my pain, my joy, my sadness and laughter all those things in life that have defined who i am, i throw the dice. We only get a brief visit with these emotions on high, coursing through our veins. I intend to make use, and that's what i do here. I sort out my thoughts in this random, messy style you see here, and some enjoy to read it, even. Flushing my soul to make room for something more, and through this process here recently I've gained exponentially. I can't begin to describe the things I've seen only by opening my eyes, whoever thought it was so simple? Simple bliss has shown me a few things...a few, wonderfully colored, every day, simple things that are utterly enjoyable, or can be if i slow down. Time is creeping by right now and walking into the darkness is kinda enlightening, you feel me?


  1. feelin it bro..
    thanks for sharing. i love that you do. i check your blog more than i visit the teevee anymore, i'll admit i was mostly looking for you anyways. homeless can be uncomfortable and liberating all at once. i'm glad that you embrace all moments.. and write about it. you are one of my many inspirations to keep pushing through the tough times and enjoy the best moments with gratitude. stay awesome homie, it'll get better <3

    1. Thanks, Sadie, you know i appreciate that.

  2. I'm with you. You're incredible :)

  3. keep doing what you are doing

  4. I hang on for every word, every sentence, every blog. Your style is profound, and pretty near perfect. =] I hope simple bliss leads to complete bliss.

  5. Writing has also brought me closer to myself; it continues and is a lifelong relationship that I treasure. really is as simple as opening our eyes and we have that choice every single moment of our lives.

    Glad to hear you keep moving along, keeping your spirits up, writing--doing what you have to do.