Thursday, September 19, 2013

 The accumulation of rain we should have had through the summer came down last night all at once.   Massive amounts of water beat on the roof for hours,  the downpour had me locked inside my head,  thoughts run amok.   Picking up my son from the school library yesterday I recognized the quote painted on the door: "Go confidently in the direction of  your dreams"  with no credit to good old Thoreau.   It amused me that I never noticed it before,  I've been walking through that door for 5 years now, yesterday it happened to be propped open.  I might ask somebody to correct it,  I'll do it myself if I have to.  I wonder who put it there and if they know what a genius that dude was.  I think he deserves credit,  and the possibility that his name may stick inside some of those children's mind's.   Ideas that transcend time and apply just as well today as ever.   The boy said he had noticed  it in the past,  he even recited it when I asked him if he knew it was there.   He was actually interested in knowing who wrote it,  and  he wants to read Thoreau.   I'm almost tempted  to let him try if for no other reason to explore his curiosity.   My mother was a lover of books and there were always bookshelves full of a variety of books,  and I remember vividly picking up some large volume that may as well have been written in Latin,  but it fed  my curiosity.   And to this day it remains.   I'm glad I can share these things with my kids,  and while I may not be the best at making it to every baseball game or basketball practice  the bond I share with those kids is unbreakable.   This morning on my way to work I thought about Gwen,  my baby,  and how she's growing up.   She's in preschool now and her interest in words makes me soft  to the core.   She's rhyming whole sentences now and when her teacher asked what she learned this year  she told her she wants to learn how to write,  which I think is awesome.  I hope one,  or both of them,  picks up a knack for writing, there's no telling where they can go,  they know no boundaries or limits.   My intent is to never let them believe that they can't do something,  and I see in their nature to talk freely about whatever comes to them.   Unlimited imagination set  free.


  1. That's really great, Amen to good old Thoreau!

  2. That rain came from us down in Mexico. Welcome.

  3. i've been rained in all weekend so far.. perfect opportunity to satisfy my hunger for words and pages... i love to read. can't get enough of it.. i can almost start my own library at this point. if i had kids and they wanted to read i'd be ecstatic, i could only imagine how that felt when your boy said he wanted more thoreau.

  4. I love Thoreau. One of my favorites. What is it about rani that awakens the creative part of our souls? It's really something isn't it Ryan?

    1. The weather is one of the few things left that we haven't tamed, thus we sit in awe.