Sunday, September 1, 2013

I have a dark side that sometimes makes me shiver, I cringe at the thought of what he's capable of.  I keep it at bay for the most part,  but sometimes it gets  the better of  me.  I can try to fight it but a handful of vicodin later and its completely taken over,  and I damn sure don't miss it.   Once in a while I need a reminder to keep that shit in check.   Those nightmares about it seem to do the trick.

It's a rainy day and i can hear the raindrops at play,  making music off the window pane.   We haven't seen much this summer, I suppose we do need it, I rather enjoy thunder and lightning,  it's striking,  beautiful yet frightening.  It's the perfect metaphor for life,  storms roll through but it's always so  wonderful underneath.   The sun still shines behind the clouds when they weep, I dream of writing inspiring scenes from under a willow tree.

 I'm getting uncomfortable, I feel some change is on the way.   Only the days ahead will unfold where I'm going.   I've been to the bottom and there's only one place to go from there.


  1. "And when the thunder struck in the morning, I thought it sounded like someone was violently rearranging their furniture upstairs."

    That made me smile for a couple reasons.

  2. That dark side is what makes people interesting. I have nothing to tell someone that's always happy.


    1. Haha, I've got something to tell those people that are always happy, they probably won't like it though. And I agree about the dark side. Sometimes I embrace my darkness a little too much, but it's what makes me, me.

  3. I agree with Avy, we are the dark sides. That defines who we truly are.
    Love yourself for who you are, where you are. No one else was whatever enough to be right there right then. ;)