Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My liquid thought process

 There are times that I inhale everything I can possibly read,  and other times I exhale everything I can possibly think. Earlier I thought that if I could murder time, I would.  It's always stealing from me those moments  I most want to  hang onto,  or laughing in my face, antagonizing my idle mind.   That idle time is  what often gets me in predicaments, I do crazy shit just to see what happens.   Not something I would suggest to the average person, I only know that I learn by taking a look at my mistakes.

Sometimes it's as if the universe is against me,  or better yet,  karma is getting me.  I don't really believe in superstitions such as that,  but I do often wonder if I've done something majorly wrong in another time and place.   Obviously,  that's the way I feel it with my emotional mind,  my rational mind tells me that's just how it is,  surely it's  the same for everyone.   It's this process  of thought which affords me the opportunity to step back and see things as they really are.   How life seems to be and  the way it is are usually two different things.  I say this to people and  they react like I'm speaking another language.   Perhaps I am.

Dusted off thoughts make their way to the surface,  they haven't seen the light of day in a while.  Old ideas to be confronted with a new me in this new place in time,  and while I am physically the same person, my mind,  my being is  constantly  changing.  Trials and tribulations effect us all,  and that's kind of an understatement.   There is no peace  without because there is no peace within,  the world is a direct reflection of us and our sinful sins.  The road I walk is a little off beat,  but it works for me, I somehow see everything so fluidly...

... my thoughts under scrutiny.


  1. Dusted off thoughts do occasionally make their way to the surface...both negative ones and positive ones. The key is putting them in perspective, in my humble opinion.

  2. Love the flow of your liquid thoughts, Ryan. It's refreshing that even though you don't "believe" in certain things, you still wonder and are open to the possibilities. But it's in your nature to wonder. : )

    p.s. This will sound ridiculous but I've often wondered if you were born in the month of Sagittarius or maybe Aquarius. I'm sure that goes against your rational mind, and I'm probably off base.

  3. sometimes it's as if you're speaking another language simply because your ideas are new and different than what one is accustomed to. i wouldn't take it personally (i know you don't) because i'm quite certain that people are more intrigued by your language than anything.

    i'm curious though. about these dusted off thoughts of yours :)

  4. I have felt like that before... like people have no idea who I am. They don't understand what I say because they have no idea from where it stems. I can only imagine they are lucky in love or ignorance if they can't relate.

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