Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Am What I Am

Nerves worn, my calm is tattered and torn.  I forewarned you that I was born a heathen, philosophical and forlorn.  I adorn blank pages with poetic inscriptions, the friction of my life, my pains and decisions.  Encrypted versus laced with descriptive, scalpel like precision.  I'm sharp, quick with a pen.  I'm a little bit dark, if I'm diggin' deep within.  My sins are of flesh and blood, it is what it is.  My ill mentality breaks the monotony, not mixing well with practicality.  My abnormality makes me, I am what I am.  Do you feel me, cuz I'm sometimes  hard to understand.


  1. I feel you bro...good introspection here.

  2. Nice rhythm and poetry.

    On another is quite a synchronicity that just a few days ago I was tumbling those very words around in my head: "I am what I am." I was writing in my head with those words at the forefront. Fascinating!

  3. how come i never read this one before? it gives me chills, i just keep reading it and reading it, drinking it in. you're so good.