Sunday, February 3, 2013

As The Snow Falls

Here we are, it's already February.  The time rolls on quicker with each day I get older.  There's snow on the ground and I have to admit the snow makes me feel like a kid.  Like the kid that I never was able to be all those years ago.  The unfortunate part is that its taken 3 days for it to amount to anything.  We haven't had any snow this year at all.  There's nothing in this world like walking around in a night time blizzard.  It is the ice cream of the winter.  The one reason you wait patiently for the season to arrive.  The snow falls hard, and quick, and it insulates the air and the earth and dampens the sound of my usual noisy world.  The snow under foot crunches with every step, leaving in wake a path for someone else to follow.  How many souls dare blaze their own trail?  Walking in the footsteps beside me is not how the saying goes.  I don't mind providing the path.  In fact, I think it was what I was meant to do.  Sitting beside a window watching the flurries fall and my mind wants to be among them.  There are ideas as individual as snowflakes waiting to fall with a fury from my brain if only I'll allow them.  And for that I need some room and a little bit of time.  I wait as patiently as a kid.


  1. "Snow provokes responses that reach right back into childhood" - Andy Goldsworthy

  2. oh how i love your words about snow- a perfect portrayal of how subtle and magical a snowstorm feels. :)

  3. the first post i consumed of yours, i devoured every word of it. and oh how things have blossomed between us. as the snow melted and then squalled once again. i still enjoy these words just as much as i did all those months ago. :)