Friday, February 8, 2013


Is it wrong to make two blog posts in one day?  It doesn't matter, I'm doing it anyway.  I'm bored and have a little time to kill.  All seriousness aside, I'm going to write...

Words distort my reality.  I try to bend my mind but still can't see.  It's hard to imagine living life by my own code.  A lawless, limitless new world waits beyond the old.  I can't tell if I'm high on life or if someone spiked my Cheerios.  I broke the mold long ago, time i learned to let it go.  I keep the pieces in case they're one day needed.  I pace the streets to create my own destiny only to realize I'm carrying a worn out load.  Nobody knows but me how to appease my senses.  And they think my walking is senseless.  I'm determined to return their dissension and elevate my state to new levels.  I am aware that i do not stand alone, yet this route i must go my own.  I walk softly and step slowly, knowing that one day soon I'll live my own story.


  1. High on life is the greatest high in the world man. By the way it's definitely not wrong to write two blog posts in one day. Your blog frequency is whatever you feel comfortable with.

  2. Being independent like that, it sounds so much easier than it is.