Saturday, February 2, 2013


I am a walker at heart and a daydreamer by trade.  In fact, i do believe i may even have perfected it.  Ever since i was a kid i would daydream and pay attention to it.  Teachers and parents telling me i don't pay attention, when little did they know i was paying attention better than they thought.  At times I've even also sat down with the intention to just let my mind wander through my dreams of the day.  How much in the world has been born inside the mind of a daydreamer?  I would even be willing to bet that anyone with a new invention or revolutionary idea would say that it began in a daydream.  And isn't that an interesting thought?

I am very capable of tuning out everything else around me so that i can chase another dream down a rabbit hole.  In dreams lies inspiration and the will to do anything.  Spending hours wrapped up in an idea isn't anything new to me and i can always tell when I'm done.  The mind just stops, and a peace ensues that can be achieved in very few ways.  So, next time you need to do some soul searching, sit back and let your mind run away on you.  Give in to the urge to let that child inside explore that rabbit hole, there's no telling what you'll find.

Are you a daydreamer?


  1. Ryan, I completely agree with what you said about new inventions and revolutionary ideas springing from daydreams! I have never thought about that before but it's so very true. I most definitely consider myself a daydreamer. I like to let my daydreams take me wherever they please.

  2. I love walking and daydreaming!

    Albert Einstein was a daydreamer. I keep his quote on my bulletin board: "Imagination is more important than knowledge..."