Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Black Beauty

So, yesterday I talked about how our appearances to others don't necessarily always reflect who we are on the inside.  Sometimes it does.  Our personalities come through a little bit in anything that's an extension of us to anyone who is paying attention.  Basically I'm about to be shallow for a minute here and talk about "stuff" and I'm trying to make it sound deep.....haha.  I kid, I kid.

I got some time this morning to spend with my other baby.  Black beauty (real original) has been sitting in the garage for months, neglected and cold.  I've been itching to take her out for a ride.  I can hear it calling my name every time I open the door to the garage.  She's been collecting sawdust and whatnot just sitting there so I just figured I needed to take her out and get her cleaned up.  I do have to admit though, not driving it for months at a time in the winter really makes me appreciate it a lot more when I do take it out.  And I do realize she's an it.....I'm not that crazy about my car.  Went for a nice long ride, and got it washed up and figured I'd take a few pics.  It's only 15 degrees outside, perfect time for it, right?  My neighbors probably  think I'm crazy at this point.  It's all good though.  It helped break up the boring day I would have otherwise spent in the house.

I love that car. If it were to be gone tomorrow i wouldn't miss it. Things like this come and go, i just enjoy them while I've got em.