Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Discarding Snowflakes

Pouring a bowl of cereal I realize I got the last of the box.  The little bits and pieces at the bottom get no love, but it's my favorite part.  Like the chewy brownie edges that get cut off and discarded, those are the best to enjoy.  The back of my pants are wet and it drives me a little crazy, it's bad enough I have to walk around the house with my shoes removed. 

Don't take off your shoes, please, I want to know where you've been. 

It's snowing outside, finally, and apparently I have to remove the snow, too.  Who comes up with all of these rules?  Can one not live a spontaneous life anymore?  Spontaneity makes me feel alive.  My eyes light up and you might even get a smile out of me.  The snow is falling and I want to chase each flake like I'm chasing a dream.  My feet have begun to move and I don't think I should control it.  I think I'ma take a walk and just go with it.


  1. gasp! like pizza crusts! i love the crusts. and the crunchy fries..

    spontaneity was the name of the game today, and it worked out wonderfully. talked to a farmer, discovered new food, and visited a new library all unplanned. even got to walk out in the sun.

    i wish you a good walk..

    1. That's awesome, Sadie! It wasn't a long walk, but a good one. I enjoyed it.

  2. Snowflakes, like dream they are very complex. Isn't the structure of a snowflake fascinating? I can barely get my head around the idea of a microscopic ice sculpture type of structure. Snow never falls where I live, it's very hard to enjoy it regularly for me.

  3. What I am struck by when I watch thousands of snowflakes fall frmo the sky is the thought that no two are alike...I just love that.