Monday, February 11, 2013

Walking And Cars

Well, I didn't make it out today for my 10 mile hike.  However, I do have a pretty good reason.  A friend of mine had some tickets to the Chicago Auto Show and I decided that it was worth it to push my walk back until tomorrow.  So, for tomorrow the hike is on.  There may have been a part of me that was happy I pushed it back when I walked outside and the wind was blowing a steady 30 miles an hour.  I am aware that I need that training just as much as when the weather is perfect, but it's windy around here often enough that I can get my fair share of training in it.  Anyway, we can talk about that tomorrow.

So, cars, another obsession of mine.  I know it doesn't interest a lot of people but there is something about the engineering and design of automobiles that really intrigues me.  They can be practical, and highly effective tools used by everyone.  They can also be really impractical, but beautiful nonetheless.  There is something about the freedom I was afforded when I first began to drive and I suppose that's why I still enjoy doing so today.  I see cars as a work of art and it really amazes me that someone thought up all of these intricate parts and was able to get them to function together as one unit.  It really is an awesome thing.  And I guess it's kind of ironic that a guy that enjoys cars as much as I do would be preparing to walk 3,000 miles.  This is the irony that has become my life.  Speaking of walking, did I mention that I got my fair share in today?  Yea, I took my pedometer with me.  According to it, from the time I got out of the car in the parking lot until I got back in, we walked 5.4 miles.  So, I guess it wasn't too bad for a decent walk.  Between today and tomorrow I should have walked 15 miles, and I think that's a pretty good weekend of marching.  Weekend for me, that is.

And I'll leave you with a couple pics of my favorite machines from the day.  Enjoy


  1. Those are some pretty fancy cars. Where I live we get to check out old automobiles. If my friends and I want to see anything fancy like that we got to go a distance away from home. My fave of your faves I would say the first one. It's sleek and classy.

  2. Those are some sweet rides! Puts my little dinky Corolla to shame haha.