Saturday, February 23, 2013

Follow The Beat

Staring at a blank page is nothing new to me.  The words rumble and turn in my head, flirting with my tongue and thus my fingertips.  Burning holes in my heart from the hot, dripping ink expelling this shit out of me would help.  Stuck, choked up in my throat the verbs don't want to move.  Trying, and trying too hard to squeeze out just a little bit. 


Wads of paper lay at my feet, frustration spattered on walls and floor. Closing my eyes i retreat.  Let go and it flows freely, easily releasing these God awful demons.  Manifesting upon the page before me, i tell a story.  Ignoring the reasons why i shouldn't write, i do so obeying my rebellious side and confiding in all of you.  A peace ensues from knowing that someone knows, even though they don't know me.  Sometimes its lonely, only i don't mind when my poetry gets real soulful.

All i needed was a beat.


  1. Soulful poetry is the best kind of poetry...

  2. Your comments are always so kind. I just want to say thank you.

    /Stephanie / http://

  3. About the hat/headdress: Those things are not so easy to know sometimes ;)


  4. I like this...I can hear the beat. Sometimes I get mad at the blank page; other times I realize and appreciate the blank page for all its possibilities.